Safety & Trust strives to deliver safe, reliable and delightful experiences. As such, we ask all users to act with professionalism and in good character in all interactions related to the platforms. Users have indicated that this improves the quality of the platform, which results in more Jobs posted and better reviews. Note that maintaining positive relationships is the best way to be successful on the platform.

- To promote professionalism, please use your real name spelt correctly on your profile as clients will be asked to check your IDs on your arrival.  You may also upload an accurate and recent photo that includes your face on your profile.

- If an issue arises while utilizing the platform, please continue to remain professional. You can always politely explain your reasons for choosing to cancel the Job, inform them that they are free to work with another Expert and/or politely excuse yourself. Then, please contact us immediately.

- If at any point, you feel unsafe it is important to contact the local authorities first to ensure the correct actions are taken. Then please notify us at the safest possible time.

- If you have any relevant documentation, please retain it as it might be useful information.


Accepting Jobs

To successfully complete a job and to get best reviews, following guidelines are highly recommended:

- Ask probing questions to understand the scope of the job - you might ask for pictures, if additional assistance is needed, if supplies or tools are needed, clarify the problem and confirm the times, dates and location;

- Understand your Client's budget for the job, how long they think it should take and any necessary expenses;

- Try to provide an accurate time estimate before getting started and communicate with your Client the moment you think you might exceed that time frame or cost;

- Properly manage your jobs -- running late or rescheduling a job may lead to a poor experience and negative review;

- Discuss purchases in the chat before making them and include receipts in the chat. Note, most payment disputes arise due to lack of communication on expectations and scope of the job. The best practice is to get Clients to make purchases themselves. As an Expert, you can guide them with purchases, but without taking any responsibility.


Payments on the Platforms

The security of confidential information, such as payment information, is essential to the success of the platform. For this reason, we ask members to refrain from violating the spirit of payments in any form.  We highly recommend that you accept all payments through our platforms, but you may accept cash for the job, but entirely at your own risk.  We don’t take any responsibility for any injury or loss of wealth, life or health related to you carrying cash.   

Violating the code of conduct related to payment includes:

- Encouraging clients to pay you in cash when they want to pay you by debit/credit card;

- Asking and Accepting a payment for hours you didn’t work;

- Improperly invoicing hours (more or less hours than actually worked);

- Canceling a Job that has been completed;

- Not counting the money received in cash at the time of payment and then later disputing it;

- Over-charging an innocent/disadvantaged client;

- Any other action that affect your own and the reputation of the Experts24HR payments system.

Be aware that engaging in any of the above actions means that you may be removed from our platforms and legal action may be taken against you.

If someone you know who is not acting properly, please contact us so that we can act accordingly.

If at anytime you believe that taking cash is risky, then please request a payment through our payment system.  We don’t take any responsibility for any injury or loss of wealth, health, property or life related to you carrying or keeping cash.    


Expert Guidelines on Fraud

To prevent against un-reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses and fraudulent Job, we are providing the following tips on how to proceed safely with your Job.

When accepting Jobs, we highly suggest you refrain from the following:

- Spending £10 or more in out of pocket expenses. Experts24HR will not be able to cover any expenses whether they are fraudulent or not;

- Purchase goods for a Client online (Amazon, Apple, ebay etc);

- Buy gift cards of any type for a Client (online or in person);

- Handling cash as part of a Job;

- Transfer funds via PayPal, Google Wallet, WePay, or similar sites as part of a Job. This jeopardizes your personal information;

- Meet a Client in a parking lot or on the street for a delivery or shopping Job, etc.;

- Utilize your personal credit/debit card to rent/buy a vehicle or other items;

- Accept a Job that is asking you to impersonate your Client. For example, if you are hired to attend Jury Duty for your Client.

Should you suspect fraud, please contact us for assistance at any point on the Job. Simply communicate to your Client that you need to contact Headquarters for guidance.  Call the authority first immediately if required.


Safety for Experts

At Experts24HR, safety is very important. To ensure a safety, we suggest the followings:

1) Before starting work on any Job, we suggest that you:

- Review the scope of work with the Client to determine if expectations are attainable and safe. If a Job requires extensive construction work or repairs, research if a license or permit is necessary;

- Note with the Client any damages that already exist via the in-app chat feature. For instance, if the mattress you are moving already has a rip in its material, let the Client know through our chat. Always take photos or make videos before and after each job and save it straightway for reference purposes;

- Bring the proper safety equipment, such as gloves, safety goggles, moving equipment, helmet, clothes, mask, and etc.

2) If a Job involves a purchase over £10, contact the client and ask them to purchase it for you.

3) If you find you cannot complete any Job due to safety reasons or lack of skills, we suggest that you:

- Professionally explain to the Client the limitations of the Job;

- Contact us right away via or via 01217530728;

- If the Job is suitable for another Expert, let the Client know that you and Customer Support will work together to find an Expert with the appropriate skills;

- If the Job should be completed by a professional, politely explain the reasons why and offer to help them research a professional.

4) If damages occur on a Job:

- Stay calm and professional at all times; 

- Take pictures and retain documentation of the situation. We also suggest including documentation in the chat thread as well as documenting any agreements in the feature;

- Contact Customer Support right away via or call us on 01217530728.

5) If at any point, you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please notify our Customer Support Team at the safest possible time. This could mean politely ending the Job or waiting until it has been completed and then contact us. If you have any relevant documentation, please retain it as it might be useful information.


The Safety of Your Personal Information

Experts24HR is committed to creating fantastic and safe experiences. To do so, we have implemented practices that address our User’s main concerns regarding their personal information.


Security of Personal Information

As this is a secure platform, all personal information (such as your ID number and bank account information) provided to us is protected, encrypted and kept confidential. We utilize highly secure measures to ensure that your personal information remains protected. To help us keep your information secure, we highly suggest that you do not to exchange your personal contact information and keep communications on the platform as much as possible.

For specific questions or concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our Customer Support Team via


Safety while Working

If at any point during the Job you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself and leave the Job, then contact our Member Services via the emergency line (01217530728). However, if you are in immediate danger, please contact the local authorities for assistance then contact us.

If any damages or injuries occur on the Job, please use your best judgement on how best to proceed. This could mean immediately calling the 999 or reporting any on-Job issues to us. Please retain any relevant documentation (such as pictures or receipts) as the information could be useful in resolving the matter.


How to spot a fraudulent Job

With any online marketplace, professional fraudsters will unfortunately try to take advantage of the payment policy. As an Expert, it is important to be able to detect fraudulent Jobs, and know how to properly handle them.

We ask for all Experts to contact client before spending more than £10 (if you do not get through, leave a voicemail and await our response), but there are other signs you can look for to spot fraudsters in the marketplace.

Here are some examples of what to look out for:

- On arrival at the site, things don’t look normal, then just leave;

- If a client asks you to fix a mobile phone, but they are unable to provide its password;

- If client sound like he/she is drunk, then you need to leave the premises immediately;

- During a phone call, if there is a lots giggling voices in the background, then politely excuse yourself from the job and inform us on;

- Client asking you to come to an abandon place or location in your locality;

- If a Client asks you to purchase luxury clothing items, electronic devices of any kind (tablets, e-readers, game consoles), cartons of cigarettes, large quantities of fast food or alcohol or any other suspicious item;

- Your Client posts a very vague shopping or delivery description and continues to increase the scope of the Job via chat once you begin the Job. For example, they’ll ask you to buy boots, then once purchased will ask you to purchase additional items such as jacket or trousers;

- The Client asks you to meet them in an odd area. For example: street corner, outside a hotel, in a park, or cannot provide you with an exact address for the delivery location;

- If a Client offers you to purchase items for yourself, such as shoes, clothing, or groceries;

- If a Client asks you to drop-off items suspiciously close to the pickup location. For example, they’ll ask you to buy some boots and drop them off at a location four blocks from where you purchased them;

- Illegal drug use or unlawful activities going on at the job site, then leave immediately.

If you believe a Job has been mis-categorized or the Client has been dishonest in dealings, you can forfeit the invitation and inform us immediately on We will ensure automatically these Jobs do not factor into your metrics as we monitor these forfeits very closely. continues to add improvements to prevent fraud and suspicious activity on the platform. We have an entire team dedicated to improving our internal processes to prevent fraudsters from ever getting on the site. Occasionally they may get through and we'll need your help for the Jobs that slip through. 

Questions about what specifically does to prevent fraud can be directed via email to 


Expert Commitment

To ensure your success as an Expert, here are your 8 keys to the platform. There are more details in the Best Practices, but these are the top ideas you should always keep in mind when working:

- Safety first;

- Complete all Jobs you accept as posted;

- Be punctual and prepared;

- Always communicate politely;

- Perform high quality work;

- Keep it cash-free;

- Be professional;

- When in doubt, contact us on


Accepting Available Jobs

Clients have let us know that reliability and high-quality work are what drive them to use and rehire Experts over again. This, in turn, results in more opportunities and Jobs posted in your categories and city.

For these reasons, the following are important factors to keep in mind when picking up Available Jobs:

- Acceptance of an Available Job is a commitment to complete it. If the Job details do not include enough information to provide confidence in performing it, request clients for more information or do not accept it;

- If you are unsure of the time, date, location, tool and/or skill needed, we suggest that you ignore the Job.

If you, nonetheless, decide to pick it up but find out that you cannot complete it due to the foregoing reasons, it will lead to a poor experience and reduce your chances good reviews;

- If expenses are required to complete the Job, please obtain approval from your Clients before purchasing the items but at your own risk.  Or ask clients to purchase the items. Just like you, Clients do not like surprises;

- Clients have repeatedly indicated that imposing hourly minimums, travel time or travel expenses on available Jobs lead to a poor experience and cancellations;

- Cancellations or reimbursement disputes may result in a negative review and a reduced chance of Clients rehiring you.

For any further questions regarding optimal Available Job experiences feel free to email


What are policy violations?

At, we’re big on trust and safety. We have Expert Best Practices to ensure that every Job is a delightful, safe and trusted experience for both our Clients and Experts. Breaking any of these guidelines is considered a policy violation. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be removed from the Experts24HR for doing any of the following:

- Exhibiting unprofessional behavior online, or offline;

- Being unreliable and lacking communication;

- Providing poor quality work;

- Completing Jobs outside of the platform;

- Sending non-Experts to do a Job;

- Or violating anything else in our Expert Best Practices.


What kind of insurance does offer? ltd does not provide any type of insurance, warranties, guarantees nor any protection pledge. If you have questions concerning trust and safety, please get in touch. 


Do Clients see my contact information and my location?

A registered Client can see your phone number that you used to register yourself on our website.  We suggest that you use different number for your personal use.

Client can view your location. To ensure privacy, from your mobile, please switch off the location of our app.


Clients can chat with you and call you directly using the in-app chat messaging and in-app call functions. If you have any additional questions concerning safety, please get in touch. If your issue needs immediate attention, please call us at 01217530728.