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What is

Terms & Conditions is a leading mobile and website application that can help you find right Experts with just few clicks. All you need is to submit a request on one of our platforms. Local experts will become visible to you and you may select them according to their experience and past reviews. After the job is done, you can directly pay an expert with cash or you can pay them through us. We will hold your payment for seven days - giving you enough time to feel satisfied with the job done.

About Experts24Hr is a UK company believing that in this age, finding right Experts for a job should be easy and less stressful. Sometime, we spend hours searching for an Expert to do a job without realising that a more experienced, cheap and reliable expert is living nearby. Our platform can help you find such local experts easily. Surprisingly, sometime locals have very beneficial knowledge, which they are willing to share with others without charging anything, such as how to plant an apple tree, or how to look after hens, diagnosing a broken car, how to play football professionally, etc. Other time, people are free and can aid others with simple task such as shopping, cooking, reading etc. Our platform can bring such people together. No one is charged, and no one pays anything, but the job gets done.


Experts can’t pay for good reviews on Experts24Hr – they’ve got to earn them. Check out what Experts24Hr’s customers have said about their quality of the work.

Convenience of time

Sit back and relax, because Experts will contact you to talk about the time that right for your schedule.

Affordable Cost

With our incredible system, you will have a clear visibility for the cost of your request. Select an Expert that seems suitable for the job.

Our Services

How its Works

Request your maintenance services and civil works in less than a minute. It is simply a process of 3 steps:

Choose a Service

electricity, tuition, car wash, fix mobile phone, plumbing, A/C…etc.


Take pictures or record a video for the requested service and upload it onto our system.

Get Expert

Choose a time and date that suits you and then select and contact the right Experts from the list.

Cost & Payments

Book same-day jobs for an hourly rate, or make an appointment and choose your own Expert.

Cancel or reschedule any job for free. Just let us know in advance please

Pay through the app with your Paypal, credit or debit card when the job is complete. Or you can pay by cash. .

Why Experts24Hr

    - Request a service in three simple steps;
    - You can take a picture or record a video for the requested service;
    - GPS feature allows you to track the location of the Expert;
    - Variety of competitive prices;
    - Five star rating system;
    - Choose your qualified Expert based on their past reviews and their offered cost;
    - We will hold your payment in for seven days - giving you enough time to feel satisfied with the job done;
    - Pay by cash or debit/credit card;
    - Refer as many Clients and/or Experts and get easy money;
    - Discover local Experts to do your job free of charge.

What people say

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Quality and Commitment

Experts24Hr is committed to highest level of trust, safety and security. Every Expert is assessed. And our talented Customer Service is available to help every hour of the day.

Lets become an Expert

Do you have any special Skills and do you want to control your daily schedule then become an Expert.