Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is “”?

A: is a leading mobile and website application that can help you find right Experts with just few clicks. All you need is to submit a request on one of our platforms. Local experts will become visible to you and you may select them according to their experience and past reviews.

2) What are the registration cost?

A: None.

3) Who is Expert?

A: Any individual with any skills.

4) Who is Client?

A: Anyone, who is in needs of a service.

5) How much does a client pay?

A:Client only pay for the services done for him/her by an Expert. We don't take any commission from Client.

6) How does the client pay?

A: Client can pay in cash directly to Expert or he/she can pay through our platform.

7) What are the benefits of paying though our platform?

A: will hold your money for seven days before we release it to Expert– enough timefor you to feel satisfied with the job done.

8) How much commission do you charge to Expert if client pays cash?

A: None. We don’t charge any commission to Experts if they pay with cash.

9) How much commission do you charge to Expert if the client pays through your platform?

A: We will charge 10% commission if the client uses our platform to pay. Otherwise, we don’t charge any commission to Experts.

10) What are the guarantee that Expert is highly skilled in his/her field?

A:There is no guarantee that Expert is highly skilled in his/her field or he will work honestly, but we will hold your payment for you for seven days after you have made the payment through our system. This will give you plenty of time to feel satisfied with the job done.

11) What happens if I pay by cash?

A:If you pay by cash, then we cannot do anything if Expert hasn’t done the job properly.

12) How do I register?

A: Register yourself as a client or an expert using following link:

13) What is “Refer friend”s?

A: Any registered individual who refer a customer or/and expert should receive a commission of 2% for two years from all the jobs completed and paid by their friends. The payment must go through our platforms.

14) Who can send referrals?

A: Any registered individual.

15) Who can be referred?

A: Anyone, who is in needs of a service or any individual with any skills.

16) What my friends needs to register?

A: A PC or any other communication device such as android or IOS smart phone with internet.

17) How do I earn money?

A: Every time, your friend receive or make a payment through our platform, we will credit your account which you can withdraw anytime.

18) Can I withdraw my money at anytime?

A: You may withdraw your money once every month.

19) How many people can I refer

A: As many as you can.

20) Can I earn more commission

A: If you refer more than 100 paid users, then you can earn 3% for 24 months from your 101th referrals.

21) Can I cancel the job before accepting bid.

A: Yes, you can and its without any charges

22) Can I cancel the job after accepting the bid.

A: Yes you may, but please speak with expert directly before canceling and resolve any issue in suitable manners. As with any job, experts' time is their money, so please compensate them generously if required.