Expert and Client Best Practices


At, we take trust and safety very seriously. These best practices help ensure that every job is enjoyable, safe and trusted experience for both our Clients and Experts.  


Best practices for our Clients:

To ensure that you have the best possible job experience, we kindly ask for your help with the following. After all, we’re all about locals helping locals.

- Please be as detailed as possible in your job description. This helps your Experts determine if they have the skills and tools to assist you;

- Pictures are worth a thousand words, so please include pictures and videos if it helps to explain a job. This is especially helpful for more complex jobs. Our Experts24HR app lets you upload pictures and videos so download the iPhone or Android app if you haven’t already;

- Let your Expert know how long you expect the job to take. For example, if you’d like to pay for a maximum of 2 hours of work, be sure to let your Expert know this upfront;

- Clarify the details and let the Expert know if you plan to cover travel costs and reimbursements for purchases.  If possible, try to make all the purchase yourself.  Of course, the Experts are there to guide you with purchases;

- Job is a two-way street; please uphold your side of the bargain. A job invitation is an agreement between you and your work.  We ask that you fully commit to working with the job t to get the work done once the job is assigned;

- We understand that life can be unpredictable. However, to respect your Expert’s time, any cancellation initiated by you within 24 hours of the scheduled job time will be charged for one hour of work. There is no charge for Jobs cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.


Best Practices for Experts     

Experts24HR is your platform to grow your business. To be successful, here are five simple things you can do:

- Represent yourself accurately:  To be successful on Experts24HR, set accurate criteria for the jobs you want to perform, including your availability, hourly rate, work area, and job categories. Please keep this information up-to-date to ensure that you receive the best job invitations.

Set clear expectations with your Clients:  Surprises usually are not a good, so please ensure that nothing unexpected happens while you’re working on a job. Be sure to set clear expectations about job timing, out-of-pocket expenses and any other details that are relevant to completing the job.

Respond quickly to your Client: Job invitations and communications with your Client are time sensitive. Respond quickly and actively manage all Client communications via the chat feature in the app to create great Client experiences.

Be reliable:  Please do what you say you'll do. Show up on time (or early) and stay until the job is done. It is critical that you complete all the jobs that you take on and deliver the best service possible.

Treat Experts24HR like your business:  As you know, Experts24HR is a platform to grow your own business. Delivering great experiences will result in even more work for you. Ask yourself what will make this Client want to hire you again and deliver an experience that matches those expectations.


The following sections provide more detail on what we expect from you as an Expert. Please be aware that violation of these guidelines may result in reduced access to job opportunities, or outright removal from the Experts24HR Platform. 


Job Procedures

- Accepting bid

- Available Jobs

- Hourly rates and negotiations

- Expenses and reimbursements

- Safety

- Urgent Issues and Experts24HR Member Services

- Performance Standards Compliance

- What not to do

- Grounds for immediate removal from the Experts24HR Platform


The 3 pillars of Expert Success are:

Be Responsive

- Responsiveness is critical to your success as an Expert. We set expectations with our Clients that Experts will respond to a bid within 60 minutes, so reply as promptly with a bid after fully analyzing the description provided by the client.

- Do not leave a Client waiting for your reply to a message in the chat. A prompt and clear reply is important to Client satisfaction.  Please closely manage chat for all jobs you have been invited to.

- We may pause your Expert account if we notice a significant and sustained period of inactivity (no closed jobs over 60 days). If this occurs, you may need to send us explanations to re-activate your account.


Be Professional

Experts24HR is a community for professionals looking to create positive Client experiences.  Any unprofessional behavior impacts the entire Community and will not be tolerated.

Some guidelines to demonstrate professionalism:

- Use your real name and carry an official ID such as passport or driving license;

- High-Quality Work;

- Only accept jobs that you have the qualifications and tools to complete. Understand the expectations of the Client and complete your job in a manner consistent with these expectations;

- You should not accept a job that you feel ill-equipped to handle and you should not perform low-quality work on a job;             

- Perform all jobs yourself. You may not outsource your job to a third party, company or competitor;

- If you require additional help on a job, it is critical that that person also registered with Experts24HR. This is for the safety of you and your Client. 


The Job Procedures

This section outlines how we expect you to conduct your business on our platform:

- We provide tools for you to tell us the types of jobs you are willing to do, at what times, in what areas and at what rate. We expect you to accept jobs that fall within the boundaries that you’ve set;

- Clients invest time and effort in selecting a specific Expert. That’s why accepting every job  you receive is very important. A Client specifically asked to work with you;

- A low invitation acceptance rate is grounds for reduced access to job opportunities, or outright removal from the Experts24HR Community.



- Cancelling a job can quickly turn a great opportunity into a negative Client experience. Job forfeiting should be a last resort and only reserved for extenuating circumstances;

- Some legitimate reasons for cancelling a job include: feeling you cannot deliver a high-quality experience for the Client, not having the proper tools for the job, or feeling unsafe about a job. Scheduling conflicts are not considered a legitimate reason for cancelling a job;

- Frequent cancelling may result in reduced access to job opportunities, or outright removal from, the Experts24HR Community.


Available jobs

- Available jobs are a great way to pick up jobs quickly, fill openings in your schedule and build Client relationships;

- Hourly rates on available job are non-negotiable, so only accept a job if you are prepared to perform the job for the stated rate/bid and you have enough information about the job from the chat or by calling the client. Attempts to renegotiate the hourly rate on a available job is grounds for reduced access to job opportunities, or outright removal from, the Experts24HR Community;

- Only accept available jobs if you feel confident that you can and will complete the job.  If the job does not have enough information to provide you this confidence, do not accept the job. Acceptance is a commitment to perform the job.


Hourly rates and negotiations

- In your profile you have the ability to set your hourly rate for different job types. These hourly rates are considered a commitment to the Community and Clients take them into consideration when inviting you to a job. They are non-negotiable once a job is assigned;

- We encourage you to regularly review your rates to ensure that they are commensurate with your skill level, experience, availability, etc;

- If you believe a job has been mis-categorized or the Client has been dishonest in dealings, you can cancel the bid and job and contact us on;

- Attempts to negotiate your hourly rate after receiving an invitation is considered a violation of Client trust and is grounds for reduced access to job opportunities, or outright removal from, the Experts24HR Community.


Expenses and reimbursements

- Before performing a job, set appropriate expectations with the Client on out-of-pocket expenses and do not spend anything from your own pocket. Ask Client to make purchases. If not managed appropriately, seeking payment for out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements can result in a bad Client experience, negative Expert ratings or a policies violation;

- It is not safe to assume you will be reimbursed for any purchases you make on behalf of a Client as part of a job (e.g. groceries or a food delivery).  Only purchase goods from your own pocket which are returnable;

- Do not ask Clients to reimburse for transportation costs (petrol, public transportation fees) associated with a job unless the job involves travel outside of your set work area (you can change this at any time) or excessive transportation (requesting coverage for congestion charge and parking is acceptable, but you must first ask the Client before adding this as an expense). If there are significant costs associated with serving a particular area, please take that into consideration when setting your work area and hourly rates in your profile.  In any case, make it very clear to Client;

- If the job involves travel outside of your work area or excessive transportation, set these expectations with the Client in advance of performing the job. This gives the Client adequate time to cancel the job and seek a replacement if they so choose.

- If you purchase a tool or supplies for a particular job, do not expect to be reimbursed for that purchase.  If you do want to be reimbursed for that purchase, be upfront with the Client and consider the purchase to be the property of the Client;

- To protect yourself and the Experts24HR Community, be careful about accepting jobs that include the purchase of high-value items (over £100) from your own pocket.  It is good practice to let the client make all the purchase regardless of the values of the goods. 



- Always wear the appropriate safety kits for the job you are undertaking.  Please do not take the job or leave the job if the correct safety kit is not available or damaged;

- Above all else, yours and client’s safety and well-being are our top priority. If, for any reason, you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please professionally and politely leave the job and remove yourself from the situation. If necessary, call the local authorities first and then inform us of the situation on;

- Do not complete any jobs that put you at risk financially or physically. This includes meeting a Client for a delivery under suspicious circumstances;

- If you require additional help on a job, it is critical that that person also be a registered Expert.  This is for the safety of you and your Client;

- Do not work in unsafe environment;

- Use appropriate safety sign posts when needed.


Urgent Issues and Experts24HR Member Services

Experts24HR Member Services exists for the benefit of all members, including Experts.  If you are having any issues with a job that is in-flight or soon to happen, please contact on 01217530728. Any issues that are not extremely time sensitive or urgent should be referred to


Performance Standards Compliance

To ensure a high-quality job experience, we hold all of our Experts to the following standards:

- High acceptance rate on bids sent to you;

- High completion rate on bids you are assigned to;

- High response rate on bids sent to you;

- High return rate of your Clients to Experts24HR after completing a job with you;

- Please note that direct violations of Experts24HR policy and unprofessional behavior may result in immediate removal from the Experts24HR Community. 


What not to do

- Don’t bail on a job, absent prior communication and approval from the Client;

- Don’t cancel last minute; this provides a poor experience for the Client;

- Don’t show up to a job location for a job you are not assigned to;

- Don’t show up late for jobs or missing agreed-upon timelines for jobs;

- Don’t attempt to renegotiate the hourly rate on a job you’ve been invited to or a job you’ve accepted;

- Don’t complete a job with poor quality work;

- Don’t display unprofessional or unbecoming communication or behavior in any form;

- Don’t contact third parties related to or regarding a Client including, but not limited to, a Client’s friends, family, place of employment or attempt to damage a Client’s reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc;

- Don’t attempt to damage the reputation of Experts24HR on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc;

- Don’t attempt to bill a Client for a job that should have been canceled, has not been finished or completed to their satisfaction;

- Don’t ignore communications from Experts24HR;

- Do not send someone else in your place to fulfil a Job;

- Do not bring along another person to a Job that is not authorized;

- Do not ride share;

- Don’t violate the guidelines of payments on the Experts24HR platform in any way;

- Billing for fewer or more hours than actually worked;

- Billing for hours worked in the reimbursement section;

- Canceling a job that has been completed;

- Don’t provide poor quality work which is measured by: poor ratings and/or reviews; client communication to Experts24HR; a high cancellation rate; a high forfeiture rate; uunresponsiveness to Clients on bid; any other criteria, which may lead to a poor experience for a Client;

To preserve the integrity of the Experts24HR Community, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any of these behaviors.  All of these behaviors are avoidable through active management of your schedule, profile and with open communication with Clients;


Grounds for immediate removal from the Experts24HR Community

For the protection of all members of our Community, we do not allow any of the following activities:

- Impersonating any other person or falsifying your identity, including, but not limited to, the Client, journalists, or another Expert;

- Sharing your login credentials with any other person, including, but not limited to, the Client, journalists, or another Expert;

- The purchase of goods in the UK for shipment overseas, or purchase of goods overseas for shipment to the UK;

- The transfer of monies, securities or negotiable instruments other than payment for jobs as a part of the Experts24HR payment system;

- Providing online reviews of items, books, other products or any other services without having actually used the product or service;

- Completion of academic work or courses for academic credentials;

- Completing any courses involving court orders on behalf of a third party or Client, including but not limited to online driving courses;

- Transportation of and ridesharing among our users in any type of motor vehicle, aircraft or water craft;

- Providing any type of advice, consultation or professional services performed by lawyers, actuaries, accountants, architects, engineers, health professionals, medical professionals, financial adviser, management consultants, investment advisors, or any other professional services that requires a license or certificate to perform duties;

- Data scraping of a website;

- Recruiting or advertising for Experts or Clients to join a competing service, or any other intelligence gathering about Experts24HR for competitive purposes;

- Any job that is illegal in the country or locality in which it is posted or takes place;

- Creating and operating more than one Expert account, under any circumstances;

- Trying to hack any account or involved with hackers;

-  Threatening behavior, physical violence or using foul language towards any Client, Expert or Expert24HR staff.


These Best Practices are incorporated in and part of our Terms of Service available here in the UK.